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Learn About Employment and Training Programs

employment and training

If you find yourself without employment or in the need of advancing your current skills, learning new ones you may be eligible to join programs and training programs funded by the U.S Department of Labor.

In this article we will introduce you to the employment and training programs that are available.

1. About the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) serves to offer individuals the funding needed in order for unemployed individuals to be retrained to successfully attain new skills and training. In doing this, this program allows for the individual to meet current employment standards of service or employment.

The way the program was designed was to aid individuals looking for employment to receive the training, education, support and employment access that they might need in order to compete amongst others in the current job market, whilst successfully finding new employment.

In order to find out if you’re eligible for programs in your area funded by the WIOA you’ll need to contact your local American job Center. Generally individuals that are unemployed and dislocated from their previous work place.

There are also programs that aid individuals with disabilities to find employment funded under WIOA.

2. Learn About Trade Adjustment Assistance

If you’re looking to upgrade or readjust your skill set to better suit other work or employment opportunities Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) could help you. The TAA program serves to help individuals that have been greatly set back by their lack of skills or training that is required for a job in a particular trade.

This is done by providing individuals with the opportunities needed to acquire the resources, support, skills training and thus credentials needed to obtain access to new job opportunities. How do you know if you’re eligible?

If you are a member of any work force that is certified by the Department of Labor you will be eligible for the following listed services and benefits; case management, training, support of income, employment, job searching and income support. If you’re looking to join a program under the TAA you can contact your local American Job Center.*

3. Understand the Dislocated Worker or Rapid Response Program

The Rapid Response program works under the conditions that there has been a mass lay-off of 50 or more individuals from a company. When there is a massive lay-off of employees this program serves to provide support to individuals in such a tumultuous time.

The program forms rapid response teams that serve to work with the people who were recently laid-off and assist them in a multitude of ways. The assistance they offer include; navigating healthcare and pension, unemployment insurance, career counselling and job searching, education and training opportunities, inside and analytical look into the local labor market, skills, resume and interview workshops.

The program also makes the following services available to these individuals (it may vary from state to state); financial planning, stress management, access to job searching facilities like computers, phones and fax machines. You may also be eligible for income support if you are any of the following; a veteran, and individual who lost his/her job to foreign trade or are an adult with disabilities.

If you find yourself in a situation as outlined above but are not approached by a rapid response team you can access these services at your local American job Center.*

What is an American Job Center?

The American Job Center system is one that was designed to combine a variety of organisations and programs in order to make them easily accessible to Americans in one search, in one place. Each state has their own American Job Center where individuals that have been laid off, are in search of training support, or in need of assistance in finding a job can search for the help they need.

How can you search you local AJC?

It’s as simple as accessing the American Job Center finder, inserting the state of choice and searching. Once you have completed the search all available programs and organisations are listed. You will have access to their web information, contact information as well as their physical addresses in some cases. This means that you can find the organisation or program necessary to meet your needs here.

If you are apart of a particular group or minority of people, and need assistance in training or employment there are more specific program finders that you can access.
In order to perform your search online be sure to click the link under each program listed below, fill in the state you would like to search for programs in and then do your search.

Listed below are some of the specialised program finders;

1. Learn About the Youth Program Finder

If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, want to find a job but have no idea where to start you can find assistance with your career guidance, training, and finding a job itself. You can search for youth programs online through the youth program finder. You might find that programs specialise in certain areas or industries, so be sure once you’ve done your search to check with the programs what they can offer you in particular.

2. About the Native American Program Finder

These programs are made specifically accessible to the Indian and Native American groups. They are employment and training programs that are specifically co-ordinated to meet and respect the traditions and values of the people they serve. These programs are formed under the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s Division of Indian and Native American Programs (DINAP). You can search for a program in your state online.

3. About the Farmworker Jobs Program Finder

Farmworker jobs programs focus on individuals that usually perform migrant work, or work seasonally. These programs serve to offer farmworkers and their families employment related services that help to develop skills and training to meet employment needs.

Thus making the individuals more eligible for new employment. These programs are managed and supported by the U.S Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration for Seasonal and Migrant Farmworkers.

For more information on this administration you can access it here.

You can access this specialised program finder in your state or state of choice online.