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Learn About Wrongful Termination

Have you been wrongfully terminated from your job? How do you know? What are your rights as an employee? What can you do afterwards if you’re unemployed?

  1. The Limits of At-Will Employment
  2. Unemployment Benefits and Compensation
  3. Denied Benefits

In this article we’ll help you navigate and determine whether you were wrongfully terminated, and the steps that follow there after. So let’s dive into it.

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How is wrongful termination defined?

Perhaps your employment at your current job has been terminated and you very wronged in a very strong way, this of course we can sympathise with. Termination of employment is never a pleasant thing, however the term “Wrongful Termination” in the legal sense is extremely specific and needs to be fulfilled specifically in order for you to have any claim.

Wrongful termination is defined as being fired for a reason that is not legal, which in the work place often translates as going against the anti-discriminatory act or being fired though a breech of your contract.

This means that your employer fired you based on your gender, race, ethnic background, religious beliefs or any sort of disability you might have, or because you laid a complaint against your employer, or played the role of a whistle blower in any way.

This is the official definition of Wrongful termination, however there are ways to interpret this definition further and apply it differently so let’s have a look at how it could be interpreted within other situations.

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