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Learn About Wrongful Termination 4

You might be thinking “what happens if I’m denied benefits”. In a general sense all determinations of whether you qualify or not for benefits are defined by the state’s law. If you are denied or deemed as disqualified for benefits you can definitely appeal it.

When you are denied the state will give you information on how to appeal and a time frame in which you need to appeal within. Your denial may also have to do with a determination from your ex-employer so just be sure to check and appeal if you don’t agree with it.

How to Find Another Job

Once you have your unemployment benefits you’re gonna have the financial security to then try and find another job. The state can aid you in this part too. Generally if you apply for unemployment benefits the state will direct you to the state employment service to get registered to help you look for work.

Strictly speaking you’re not required to register for this however it might give you that little bit of extra help that you need.

The State Employment service can do the following for you if you register;

  • They can help inform you of market information that could make your job search easier, as well as re-employment services at no cost to you at all.
  • They can give you access to vacancies in your area as well as across the country depending on your preferences.
  • They can give you access to a variety of training programs to further your skills and education.
  • They can give you counselling and aptitude testing if your field of choice is full, which can advise you on other fields you might be better suited to.
  • If you have any kind of disability whether it be physical or psychological, that is preventing you from finding a job they can refer you to an agency that can assist you specifically.